Door Decisions

Check this out and welcome to 2019.

Take a minute or so and try to empathize with this doctor. A husband and wife show up at the door that separates the waiting room from the treatment area. She is a patient who has just seen another doctor in the practice, but they insist on speaking with the “main man.” As you will see in the story, they are agitated and saying things that don’t make a heck of a lot of sense. Worse, they are demanding to be taken into the inner sanctum so that they can discuss the matter in private. Oh, and her chest pains have been mentioned!

In the Zeitgeist of 2019, the physician is busily scratching his head in response to all of this, trying to determine if he is dealing with a medical emergency, an unhappy customer or someone who is likely to become an “active shooter.” Good grief!

Bottom Line. I would like you to note two things here. First, the way the doctor successfully and safely negotiates his way out of the situation. Second and equally important, ponder the fact that this is just one more kind of “life and death” decision that physicians must make on a daily basis. 

Stressful? Yup! 

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