Don’t Wake Me Up Again!!!

Check this out. What you will see is not a happy story. It is the tale of an ICU nurse who after decades of fighting the good fight for her patients, just finally had to quit.

The interesting part of the story here is the part of ICU nursing that finally did her in. Sure, critical care carries with it more than its share of heartbreak and death. Comes with the territory.

That’s not what got her. The last straw was working hard to maintain an 86 year-old patient during her last days. Suffering unnecessarily. Because her family couldn’t let her go.

Bottom Line. Interesting juxtaposition. So much of what we see on TV news these days is about “exclusive access to one of the nation’s busiest ICU’s.” Patients on respirators, clinging to life after being cut down prematurely and summarily by the deadly coronavirus. Wham, Bam.  

But here we see a different kind of stressor on ICU personnel. The all too frequently encountered life that has been forced, yes forced, to go on too long. Interesting that is not the pandemic, but the far more routine end of life drama, that did this ICU veteran in!

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