Does Virtual Become Permanent?

Check this out. You will be taken to the Intellus Worldwide website. Scroll down, and you will find that it is not too late to view the two days of excellent virtual presentations that were offered up at the 2020 Summit. These virtual presentations “live on” until June 30.  

I’ve taken the opportunity to view many of these presentations, and found this virtual approach, while very different from the education and elbow rubbing combination that usually constitutes Intellus sessions, to be extremely worthwhile. While I certainly missed the opportunity to renew old acquaintances and establish new ones that typically make up these meetings, I found the opportunity to pick and choose among myriad presentations from the comfort of my own armchair to be an extremely positive experience. As always, Intellus had assembled a great group of speakers, who provided important new insights on a wide variety of topics. The ability to visit consulting companies’ virtual booths and learn about their competencies was also very informative.  

I heartily recommend that you go there and check it out!

Bottom Line. I must confess that I was a little skeptical when I heard that the Intellus Summit was “going virtual.” While certainly understanding that it needed to go that route during the pandemic, I just didn’t know if it would “work.” It did!

Here’s my thought. Since Dr. Fauci is honestly telling us that it will be a “year or so” before we get back to “normal,” I think we are going to be using the next twelve months to make increasing use of virtual conferences like this one. AND. I think that over that time period virtual conferences will become increasingly engrained in our business lives. Will they supplant personal conferences? Nah! I think like telemedicine is presently doing in healthcare, they will establish a significant and permanent role in our business lives. They will supplement.

Intellus got off to a great start with this Summit. I would encourage them to continue, maybe with “mini-summits” being run more frequently during 2020 and beyond.  

Well done!

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