Does The Cost Of Insulin Really Keep Patients From Treating Their Diabetes?

Check this out.  What you will see is fact checking on Kamala Harris’ recent proclamation that ¼ of Type I Diabetes patients in the U.S. are forced to let cost drive their use of insulin. Let me cut to the chase. Having examined several different studies dealing with this matter, the author of the article reports that about 25% of Type I diabetes patients do indeed either ration their insulin or stop medicating for a period altogether because they can’t afford the drug. Yikes!

Let’s face it. If you watched any of the recent Democratic presidential debates, you are well aware that healthcare is going to be a BIG issue in the 2020 election. And you heard very specific comments indicating that a major focus within this issue will be the cost of prescription drugs. Moreover, Type I Diabetes makes a wonderful poster boy for this issue, with the high incidence of the condition, the fact that the cost of insulin has doubled in recent years, etc. helping to make this disease likely to draw a lot of attention in the month to come.  

Bottom Line. It will be interesting to see what impact on all of this will be had by Lilly’s recent announcement that it will begin manufacturing a generic version of its own product at 50% off list price. My bet is that most of the candidates who are most rabid on this issue will pick up on this announcement as an admission that drug prices are too high, even at this discounted rate.  

Stay tuned! This will likely get interesting!

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