Doctors As Dog Groomers

Check this out. What you will see is an exploration of the various jobs that the 21% of physicians for whom the pandemic brought furloughs or other reduction in hours/income have pursued in an effort to keep financially afloat. Dog groomer, warehouse worker, doll house decorator, etc. 

Keep in mind that this is the first time in memory that physicians in the U.S. have faced any widespread version of unemployment. Little wonder that 2020 has, as this article reports, led many doctors to consider leaving medicine altogether.

Bottom Line. As we have discussed in previous posts, this is a really strange time to be a physician. While doctors are increasingly valued and some specialties are working unconscionably long hours, others are out of work in whole or in part.  

How long will it take the medical community to restabilize itself after this multi-faceted onslaught? I am thinking “Years!”  

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