Do Online Dating and Telemedicine Share a Future???

couple Yes, I think they do. Check this out. What you will see is a report on what is happening in online dating sites and a prediction that new developments in these social media will soon transfer over to telemedicine. The online dating story in a nutshell is this. Historically, sites like have been pretty flat and unidimensional. A picture and a brief bio. Period.  That’s all users had to rely on in deciding whether or not a particular person was likely to be date-worthy. BUT. Now the dating sites are encouraging members to make brief videos. Little doubt that listening to a person tell his/her story provides a lot more for a member to go on in making the thumbs up/thumbs down decision. What does this all have to do with telemedicine? Dr. Dhand would argue a lot.  He believes that having both physician and patient be able to see the other, react to facial expressions, etc. will revolutionize the telemedicine encounter. I think he is right about that. Bottom Line. It’s funny. This is one of those situations in which the technology to do video-chatting is readily available, but purposing it for the burgeoning area of telemedicine has not been actively pursued.  Why? I think somebody is going to make some real money by making this a reality!!!

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