Do Not Resuscitate

Check this out.  What you will see is the story of Critical Care Nurses caught in a whipsaw. Their lives are hectic, responding to beeping alarms, responding to demanding patients, having to ask permission to go to the bathroom. BUT. Amidst all of this, they still find the time to have compassion for an old man, sitting in the corner of the hospital cafeteria, wrestling with saying goodbye to his dying wife.

Bottom Line. Fascinating. When I give my presentation on Physician Burnout, which I will be doing again in a Webinar on April 2, I always point out the differences in the reasons that physicians burn out versus the reasons nurses burn out. While doctors burn out largely due to administrative hassle, nurses burn out from “compassion fatigue.” Being up close and personal with patients and their backstories and still having to do their jobs.

I am thinking every day should be National Nurses Day!

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