Do It Yourself Abortions

You may not want to read this whole article. It is a very long read. Actually, you may not want to read any of it. It is sort of horrifying. So, let me just share the gist of the article with you. It is actually contained in the article’s lead in:

“A secret network of women is working outside the law and the medical establishment to provide safe, cheap home abortions.”

Years ago, before Roe v. Wade, we often heard horror stories of “back alley” abortions, done with coat hangers and such, that turned out terribly wrong. For decades after that landmark decision, although such black market abortions doubtless still went on, we heard less about them. Now this. A group of women are working assiduously to help each other to learn to do home abortions correctly. Safely. Although they are breaking dozens of laws by doing so, they nonetheless feel empowered to help each other to provide access to inexpensive home abortions. Out of the back alley, into the home. No more coat hangers. Herbs instead. 200 women. Compared to less than 2,000 abortion clinics nation-wide. One wonders where this movement will wind up, especially in States that are using facility “safety” requirements and other Roe v. Wade work arounds to close abortion clinics. Bottom Line. More generally, I am left to ponder whether, in the “digital era,” patients will band together to take control of other areas of their health care as well. “Networks” can be very powerful forces, especially in a time when “doctor shortages” make meaningful access to physicians increasingly difficult. AND. What are the psychological benefits that accrue to patients who can help themselves, and others, to take care of healthcare issues without relying on physicians? How about the risks? Think about it!

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