Diagnosis By Social Media

Check this out. If memory serves me, we have seen a version of this before. I even blogged about it. Last time, it was an on-line place to share your symptoms. Symptoms that no clinician had been able to diagnose. Maybe, just maybe, somebody out there in digital land has had the same symptoms, had actually gotten a diagnosis and could help you toward a cure.

This time there is a TV show that provides the opportunity for symptom sharing and diagnostic contributions. Netflix. Is the opportunity to watch patients suffering from graphic maladies the next reality TV? Have we run out of towns to focus on for “Real Wives Of….?”

Bottom Line. The interesting thing to me here is that there is a real M.D. involved. She seems bright, earnest and convinced that this kind of out of the box, “out of the hospital,” approach can yield beneficial results. Maybe. Out the other end of this, I would like to see the results. How many patients were actually helped by this approach? Absent such evaluation, I am afraid we are just dealing with prurient interest. The opportunity to watch sad cases and tell ourselves how lucky we are that we are not them.

Legitimate medical Hail Mary pass or just more reality TV? We’ll see!

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