Death By Charting

Check this out. What you will see is an unfortunate visual. The visual of a parent/physician, seven days before Christmas, trapped in front of the computer, pecking away. So what? So, lots? Patients are feeling unattended to as their doctor must prioritize paperwork over care. The kids pictured above are doubtless feeling deprioritized as the parent/physician is hidden away, pecking away. And the physician has an emotion too. Anger. Understandable! Bottom Line. My first thought about all of this? Being a physician means never getting out of school. To clarify, I don’t mean that doctors are subject to life-long learning. Of course they are, and well they should be.  No, what I mean is that doctors never escape the horrors of the scholastic “all-nighter,” not one dedicated to nocturnal patient care but rather one wasted on the mental masturbation of busy work.   How unfortunate!

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