Death By A Thousand Clicks

Check this out. What you will see is a URL with one of the longest riffs that I have ever sent you to. I am sorry about that. But it is also an important piece. And you don’t have to read the whole thing to get its simple message. Here it is. EHR’s are not perfect. AND. Their imperfections can kill people.  

The article starts with the story of a young attorney who died because an EHR failed to transmit an order for a diagnostic test which would have found the aneurysm that was killing her. AND. As the story evolves, we find that a significant percentage of patients find errors in their personal EHR’s. 

Watch the embedded video. The irony here is that the Federal Government promised, including through Presidential proclamation, that EHR’s would greatly improve healthcare. The Fed’s felt strongly enough about this that they provided financial incentives, and eventually a mandate, for practitioners to move from paper records to EHR’s. And doubtless they were correct. EHR’s make sense. But they are not perfect.  

Bottom Line. And the moral of the story? Good intentions and well-reasoned solutions can carry with them a dollop of problems. Don’t overlook them!

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