The End of Handshakes

Check this out. What you will see is Seth Godin’s usual intense level of cultural insight. Here, he explores the (now archaic?) practice of shaking hands. Seth believes this practice is about to disappear. Sure, the Covid 19 virus is the primary precipitating cause of this culture shift. But other considerations, like the increasing use of videoconferencing and the growing realization that using handshakes to test relative strength and thus establish dominance is somewhat Neanderthal, are also involved in making Seth opine that we should not feel at all badly if the handshake is replaced by a Vulcan salute. 

Bottom Line. As usual, these few sentences from Seth got me to thinking. This time, my thoughts centered on how behaviors once considered the norm become anathema. Sometimes that is a slow process. Sometimes a precipitating factor, like Covid 19, can speed things up significantly.  

What other behaviors will change forever as a result of the coronavirus? Will the cruise industry ever recover? I am guessing that the image of thousands of people trapped on a Princess ship bobbing around off of San Francisco, as is the case as this is being written, will take quite a while to disappear from our psyches!

Cultural change. Sometimes glacial, sometimes in the blink of an eye!

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