Sex, Gender, Discrimination And A “Public Health Crisis”

Check this out. I have read this piece several times, and must admit that with each reading, I become increasingly confused. I know I have to tread carefully here, so I will just try to explain my confusion, let you read the piece, and draw your own conclusions.

As I understand it, the Feds are “circulating a memo” that seems to indicate that they are about to:

“define gender on a basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The article then comments that sex and gender are not the same thing, and to predict that using objective criteria for determining gender will lead to discrimination against transsexuals. Confused yet?

Bottom Line. Interesting. For all of my 70 years, determination of a person’s gender was sort of simple and straightforward. Birth certificates, a look under the kimono or as a last resort genetic testing usually got the job done. But not now. Frankly, the fact that the physician authors consider this classification issue as being somehow likely to exacerbate an existing “Public Health Crisis” confuses me the most. I have no difficulty believing that transgenders have more health issues, but what is cause and what is effect there is less clear. 

 I do share with the authors a curiosity as to where HHS is going with this. If the intent is to try to define transgenders out of existence, I’m guessing that this won’t happen. 

 But what will happen? What might be the unintended consequences here? Or even the intended ones?

Think about it.

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