Here Is Our Old Friend Dr. Pamela Wible Again

Only this time she is not writing about physician burnout and suicide, which we have frequently seen her do in the past and on which she still remains primarily focused.

Check this out. What you will see is a very balanced discussion of how much easier it is to get a gun in the United States than it is to find a Psychiatrist. See for reference the numbers shown in the graphic above. The thing I really like about this piece is that it doesn’t scream pro-gun or anti-gun. Nope. It screams that we need to make sure that crazy people don’t wind up acting out with guns in their hands.  And that is getting less likely as the number of guns on the streets of America continues to grow and the number of Psychiatrists is being decimated by retirement.

Bottom Line. I am with Pamela. We should not be doing post mortems on the shooters. Every time a mass shooting occurs and the newscaster rants on about the motive not yet being known, I always turn to my wife and say the same thing. “We know the motive. He was crazy.” Further details to follow, but they sort of don’t matter. 

I also agree with the good doctor that this is a solvable problem if we can just stop taking staunch positions on “gun control,” and get down to doing a post mortem of the living and what, beyond “thoughts and prayers,” we need to do to avoid these increasingly frequent tragedies. 

Not an easy fix. But doable if we put smart minds to solving the problem rather than delivering rhetoric. 

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