Cultural Differences

The man you see above is a very surprised Indian uncle. Surprised because his niece just informed him that she is going to study engineering rather than medicine. A simple matter of career choice, right? Not so much!  

Check this out. What you will see is the revelation that becoming a physician in India carries with it great personal risk.  If a patient, even a very sick or elderly patient, passes away, a physician can suffer physical harm from a “mob” seeking retribution. Yes, I am serious. In a country like India so desperately in need of better medical care, here is but one more factor likely to contribute to a severe physician shortage.  

Funny. When Saurabh Jha, the physician uncle pictured above, came to Philadelphia for medical training, he found the U.S. form of retribution. He couldn’t get a car because he couldn’t afford the high auto insurance premiums resulting from litigation for such “serious” auto accident sequelae as “whiplash.” 

Bottom Line. Mob violence vs. Litigation. Auto accidents or medical malpractice. India vs. U.S. Every culture has its own form of payback. Unpleasant though it may be, I will take the U.S. version every time!

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