Covid’s Long Term Effects

Check this out. What you will see is the prediction, published in Becker’s Hospital review, that while cases of COVID are mercifully declining, the effects of the pandemic on mental health will likely linger on for years.  

Negative psychiatric pandemic sequelae come in a number of flavors. PTSD for the first responders and front-line medical workers who had to deal with it directly. Anxiety exhibited by millions of people rightfully concerned about coming down with the disease. Depression being manifested by those who have been thrown into financial ruin by the coronavirus.

Bottom Line. The article concludes by pointing out the obvious, i.e., that these problems need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Not so obvious is the other conclusion, that “dealing with” these long-term effects not only requires access to mental health services, but also the restoration of long-term financial solvency that one-off “recovery checks” can’t provide. Maslow’s need hierarchy and all of that.

A thought question. What will be the long-term impact of all of this on your products? On your company? On you?

Think about it!  

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