COVID and Mental Health

Check this out. You will find a fascinating piece concerning links between viruses, COVID-19 in particular, and mental health. Links? Yup! The really interesting part about these findings is that causality can go in both directions. Those with schizophrenia and mood disorders, for example, were found to suffer more severe cases of COVID-19 than patients without these comorbidities. AND. Going in the other direction, patients who have had COVID-19 or other severe infections have a significant increase in their risk of developing mental illnesses later in life.

Bottom Line. So what the heck is going on here? While understanding is incomplete, it would seem that inflammation might well be the bridge that bidirectionally links infections and mental illnesses. 

Stand back and look at that sentence for a minute and ponder the impact that demonstrating such physiological causality could have on psychiatrists and psychologists working with the “mentally” ill!!!


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