Covid-19’s Impact on Primary Care

Check this out. What you will see are the results of a study done early in the course of the pandemic. Even in late March, about half of Primary Care practices were reporting “severe impact” (negative) resulting from the spread of COVID-19.  Go here to find the most recent update, and you will see that personal patient visits still remain at about 50% of what they were pre-pandemic, and that the majority of respondents are still reporting that COVID-19 is causing significant financial stress in their practices. Many are still having to furlough staff and/or forgo paying clinician salaries, and the rush to telemedicine based on patient demand continues unabated.  

Bottom Line. AND. As Dr. Fauci reminds us, the fundamentals of this situation are not likely to change for a year or more. Practices are being forced to close their doors for good. This is NOT a transitory set of circumstances.

What will be left of Primary Care when all of this is “over?” And what will the impact be on the businesses of those of us who market to these clinicians and depend upon their patients as customers?

We need to keep a close watch on trends here and develop strategies and tactics to respond!

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