COVID-19 Vaccine “Side Effects”

Check this out. What you will see is the story of a Pediatrician, pictured here, going to get her first shot of the COVID vaccine and discussing its “side effects.” Since the Governor of South Carolina has announced that people in my “group” can start signing up for appointments to get the vaccine, I read the post with great interest. What side effects???

Two interesting points in this piece. First, the doctor recounts how she goes through a period of hypochondriasis. Feeling light-headed. Feeling a wave of warmth sweeping across her body. “Do I have a fever?” Is this going to get worse? Turns out, she was physically fine.  

BUT. There was one major side effect that she did have. An “overwhelming” sense of relief. Funny. Having had COVID a month ago, the resulting antibodies and the current scientific thinking that they should protect me for at least eight months gave me the same feeling. I must confess, I view the rising case numbers announced on TV every night as the humanitarian crisis that they clearly are, but I am not viewing the pandemic nearly as fearfully as I was pre-infection.  

Bottom Line. In one of the On Doctors’ MindsSM  conversations I had with a physician in December, the doctor shared with me an interesting thought. That is, over the course of 2021, we will see a U.S. population increasingly divided into vaccine “have’s” and “have not’s.” People who have gotten the vaccine will want to take off their damned masks and get back to the “old normal.” Those who haven’t, not so much. One can picture some interesting tensions developing between those two groups, especially as their relative numbers change month to month.

Should be interesting to watch!

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