Check this out. What you will see is a new health-related app. Yes folks, another new app! This one pairs with your smart watch to detect hand-to-mouth gestures. Put another way, it can detect when you take a drag of a cigarette. And provide you with feedback about how many minutes of your life you are subtracting with each cigarette, how much money your habit is costing you, etc. As always with health apps, my first reaction is skepticism. Doesn’t the smoker already know she is smoking?  Doesn’t she already know it is bad for her? And expensive? BUT. Early studies indicate that “mindfulness” of smoking can help the smoker cut back, and that even greater success is achieved when you throw in the “cognitive behavioral therapy” prompts that this app offers. Bottom Line. To me, the most interesting part of the article deals with other potential applications of the gesture detection technology. While the SmokeBeat app is a minimal viable product, far more robust applications of the BMD (Body Motion Detection) platform are in the offing. Soon, SafeBeing will be launched to monitor many different motions and gestures of geriatric patients, thus helping to ensure that they remain safe even in the absence of a full time caregiver.  I’m thinking that many more meaningful applications of BMD will surface, and soon! Keep an eye on this one. The same kinds of Israeli minds that brought us Waze are likely to come up with some really neat stuff!

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