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Tapping Into Online Medical Advice

I haven’t looked at WIRED in years. While the Internet was coming into our world, and I needed to get an advanced look at how it might impact our world, I read it regularly. I even subscribed, amusingly enough, to the hard copy version. That was then and now...

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You could sort of see this one coming. A recent Gartner study, that tapped into 10,000 survey respondents, found that wearables are seen by many as being too expensive for the limited functionality that they provide. Thus, it is not surprising that sales of wearables,...

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I am sure that I am the last person on earth to learn the term “bricking.” You know, when a high tech device becomes non-functional. It becomes, well, a brick. In this case, you see that a device that recorded metrics related to a patient’s health, which could then...

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