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Digital Bathhouses???

Think about this one. A recent article reports that Tinder and Grindr have taken major issue with, and legal action against, an advertising campaign linking the use of these dating sites with STD’s. Let’s see now. “Location-based, mobile dating sites.” Could they...

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An Interesting Niche

Kevin Pho, pictured above, has carved out a very interesting niche for himself. Besides being an Internist in active practice, he has developed his own reputation by providing physicians with guidance as to how to manage their online reputations. He literally wrote...

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Hashtags in Healthcare

Here’s an area I frankly haven’t thought much about. But I probably need to change that. How do HCP’s use hashtags in their practices? How should we use the analysis of healthcare related hashtags in our businesses? Here is an Orthopedist who is apparently spending...

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