Category: Rare Disease

Synthesizing a Patient Journey

Check this out. What you will see is a description of the “LEAP” program, assembled by Alexion to permit their team members to get a more in-depth feeling for the 4.8 years and 7.3 specialists journey that the average patient with a rare disease traverses to get to an accurate diagnosis. Key moments, e.g. the point at which symptoms begin, are explored, and the roles of the various key players in the journey are investigated. 

In this piece, Alexion reports out the benefits they see from using this approach, some anticipated, others not so much.

Desired/anticipated results include the development of more empathetic thinking about patients on the part of their team members.

Unanticipated advantages include the opportunity for team members to learn to work with other Alexion professionals, in many cases people they had never even met. 

Bottom Line. As corporate “social responsibility” programs become increasingly popular among pharmaceutical companies, I am betting that we will see many more programs like this being launched by health care companies.

And I think that is a good thing!  A very good thing!!!