Category: Physician Suicide

“Starting to See Some Light”

Check this out. What you will see is one doctor’s take on “First Do Not Harm,” the new movie that I have referred you to previously. Importantly, she believes, as I believe, that at least starting to talk about this issue, to raise consciousness, is a good first...

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Attaching a Face to Physician Suicide

I’ve written time and again about physician suicide, and the widespread burnout for which it is the ultimate last step. To my amazement, many of my colleagues don’t seem to understand why I feel so passionately and write so voluminously on this topic. Apparently,...

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No URL Today!!!

Just the powerful infographic shown above. The numbers presented are clear and shocking enough that I don’t need to send you anyplace else today for additional information. Bottom Line. Ponder these three statistics and think about their impact on the delivery of...

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