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Drug Stealing M.D.

Check this out. Trust me, you won’t like what you see. This URL takes you to the story of an Anesthesiologist who was stealing drugs from patients for over 14 years. You can just read this short version, or you can go for the gusto and dig deeper here....

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When A Doctor Gets Subpoenaed

Do NOT spend a lot of time on this link. It is a practical guide to physicians as to what to do when they get served with a subpoena. Step one. See if your name follows the “v.” That makes you a defendant. If it is a government organization that has issued the...

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No More Curbside Consults???

Check this out. What you will find is a post, from the Pediatrician pictured here, that would scare the hell out of me if I were a physician. In a nutshell, he reports on a recent court decision that found that “the existence of a physician-patient...

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