Category: Physician Burnout

Compassion Fatigue

You know, timing really is everything. I was sitting at the Airport Marriot in Newark, NJ last week. I was preparing for the first day of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Conference there. I was speaking on the topic of physician burnout. Widespread. About...

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The Overnight Shift In The ER

Check this out. Trigger warning! This piece gets a little long and tedious, but do me a favor and read it to completion. You sort of need to do that to get the full impact of this article. For me, the full impact here is the sheer number and variety of issues...

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The New CME???

Check this out.  What you will see is an offer of a program designed to teach physicians how to become successful passive real estate investors. Translated, that means how they can make money on real estate without “becoming a landlord.”  Something...

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