Category: Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

No Laughing Matter!!!

Check this out. What you will see is a summary of the transcript of a physician/patient dialogue during the course of one oncology office visit. In it, you will see the doctor and the patient banter back and forth about the goofy costs of medications, and how the...

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Good Move!!!

Check this out. Here you will see a report that Valeant Pharmaceuticals is returning Sprout Pharmaceuticals, and its product Addyi, to its former owners. A couple of interesting learnings here.  First, the fact that there had been no products to enhance female...

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The Good Old Days

I don’t have anything very profound to say about the picture above. Not even a URL to send you to. Nope. Just a shot of nostalgia for those of us who are old enough to have been in the pharmaceutical industry when all of those pens, and myriad other giveaways (coffee...

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