Category: Patient Stakeholders

Ringing The Bell

Check this out.  What you will see is the story of a rite of passage. No, not a Bar Mitzvah or a Sweet Sixteen. This is a story about a cancer treatment rite of passage. You see, at many cancer treatment centers around the country, it is now a rite...

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Please Don’t Tell My Family

Check this out. What you will see is an Oncologist’s recounting of the sad story of a 46-year old, non-smoking, active runner, wife and mother. When presented with the diagnosis of lung cancer, she requested that the doctor not tell her family because the “stigma”...

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Paying Attention To Patient Modesty

Interesting. In the years I have been writing this blog, I don’t believe that I have typed in the word “modesty” even once. BUT. Check this out. What you will see is the home page of an organization (?) dedicated to patient modesty. Spend some time hitting the various...

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