Category: Patient Engagement

“Fat Shaming”

Okay. One last post on the impact that the weight, of the physician and/or of the patient, can have on medical care. Check this out, and experience the way the straightforward words of this government abstract hit you right in the gut.  Two important pronouncements...

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What’s in A Word?

This physician’s post supports my notion that the right answer to this question is “A lot!!!” More specifically, this blogging doctor believes that it is extremely important that his patients view the front of his office as the “reception area,” rather than as the...

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ZD, MD Strikes Again

You all know how I love ZDoggMD. Why? Because he is a physician who knows what the important messages are today in public health, and knows how to communicate them creatively. Here is his latest offering. As usual, his message can be taken at several levels. Cut...

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