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Locum DOC

Check this out.You will read the story of a fork in the roads. A doctor who decides to quit a full time “job” and begin picking up locum tenens work. Taking various assignments at various locations, rather than being tied down to one position. Why? Two reasons. First,...

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Reading Patient Body Language

Check this out. What you will read/see in a video is a Manhattan physician telling his colleagues about how to read body language in their patients. The interesting part here is not so much the clues that he recommends watching for. Nope. The interesting part is...

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Clinician Prejudice

Check this out. What you will see is the report of a study of 10,000 clinicians in 40 countries. The major finding? About one out of five, 20%, of those responding indicated that they are “uncomfortable” in treating members of the LGBTQ community. They look at them...

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