Category: Healthcare Providers

What’s “Unprofessional???”

Check this out. What you will see is an NYT article reporting on a “study” done to examine the extent to which physicians are posting “unprofessional” material to social media. A purported example is the above picture of a group of medical students, posted...

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An Ethical Dilemma

Check this out. What you will see is a spin on the COVID-19 virus I hadn’t considered, but should have. Here you will see a retired nurse express her opinion that healthcare workers have a real ethical dilemma as to whether or not they should be treating...

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We spend a lot of time here talking about “stuff.” About physician burnout due to crippling administrative pressures, moves by the Fed’s to import drugs into the U.S. to lower costs, etc. Today is different.  Please take a look at this piece. (Today, for...

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