Category: Health Professionals

Hurricanes and Hospitals

Living a quarter mile from the beach, at sea level, on Hilton Head Island, SC, you can trust me when I tell you that I take hurricanes seriously. You see, my wife lied to me.  She told me before we moved here that because HHI is “tucked in,” it never gets hit...

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Talk About Goofy!!!

No, I am not referring to the nice group of Advanced Practice Nurses in N.J., pictured above.  Check this out. What you will see is a movement toward using the clinical skills of almost 10,000 of these practitioners to provide medical care without the current...

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The Pharmacist Is A Whore

When I got into this business a gazillion years ago, we used to do studies with pharmacists rather regularly. BUT. I haven’t really even thought about members of the pharmacy profession in years. Why? Take a look into this book and see what has happened to this...

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