Category: COVID-19

Unmasking Mask Craziness

Check this out. What you will hear are the rants of several enraged citizens to Palm Beach County’s passing of an ordinance requiring the wearing of masks. You know, Palm Beach as in Florida, where COVID-19 numbers are zipping past records set by NY State. Spend...

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The Death Of Primary Care

We have talked before about the financial difficulties that PCP’s are having as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported in our previous posts, it is a simple fact that patients are staying away from PCP’s offices as a special form of social distancing,...

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Check this out. What you will here is a doctor on the way to work, pondering if “there is still normal” or “nothing is normal.” Mercifully, he spares us the now hackneyed “the new normal.”   Interesting. Evidence that he brings to the debate...

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