Category: Big Data

Transparency, No Action

  Who couldn’t see this one coming? The Sunshine Act, which requires pharmaceutical companies to report the amounts of $ that they give to physicians in everything from lunches to cash “honoraria,” has in its half a decade of existence produced scads of data....

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Googling UK Health Data

Check out this article. In it, you will see the announcement of an agreement that will provide Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary with “huge” amounts of clinical data on patients passing through three of the UK’s largest hospitals. Apparently, the NHS believes...

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Debunking HIPAA In The Digital Age

Check out this post. It provides a major heads up for all of us. Ask most people what HIPAA was supposed to accomplish, and you will get an answer that is some version of “protect the confidentiality of patient data.” In this piece, we are reminded that the HIPAA’s...

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