Category: Behavioral Economics

Why Toilet Paper???

Check this out. What you will see is a humorous analysis by a practicing physician of why, of all the things they could be hoarding in the face of COVID-19, are people hoarding toilet paper. Don’t spend too much time thinking about this, but there are some...

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Left Digit Bias

Check this out. What you will see is a somewhat scary but very important article on “biases” that can influence physician behavior and actually, in some cases, cause physician errors. So, what’s a “left digit bias?” It is the tendency for many doctors...

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Nudges vs. Shoves

Damn this is a good article! Check this out. What you will see is the Nuffield Ladder. It provides a graphic illustration, literally, of the eight levels of intervention that Behavioral Scientists and governing bodies can put in place to encourage people to...

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