Category: Affordable Care Act

Potus Vs. Amazon

Check this out. What you will see is the musings of a physician who is pondering what will happen with the troika that Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway/J.P. Morgan have assembled to “fix” healthcare. On one hand, she is excited that a disruptive commercial force might...

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The $20,000,000 Patient!!!

Check out this LA Times article. In it, you will find a discourse on the impact that a few patients, suffering from rare but extremely costly conditions, can have on Medicaid in particular, and health care bills in general. To me, the most poignant comment in this...

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That’s What I Was Afraid Of!!!

In this revealing post, you will discover that the Government has been giving bonuses for “efficiency” to low quality hospitals. The discussion of this goofiness contained in the post sort of speaks for itself. However, a couple of discussion points should be mentioned...

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