Can You Put Me To Sleep?

Check this out.  What you will see are the lamentations of an ER doctor about patients’ requests to be “put to sleep.” There are a couple variants of this request. Most of the cases the blogging physician discusses involve the request for a brief journey into LALA land by patients who want to avoid the pain of a relatively quick and minor procedure. Understandably, these requests are routinely denied based on the reality that for the doctor to accede to the request would typically place the patient in undue jeopardy. As the doctor intones, “Do you remember Michael Jackson?”

The second type of request I found really eerie. Geriatric patients requesting that the ER doctor euthanize them to exit a life without meaning and to avoid going back to the nursing home. Obviously, this type of request is universally denied.

Bottom Line. Amazing. We all know that all kinds of weird cases show up in the ER, with all kinds of strange requests. BUT. Drive-through doctor-assisted suicide? The mind boggles!

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