Can Artificial Intelligence Make Healthcare More “Human?”

Funny question, right? But stop for a moment to take it seriously. If AI were to take away much of the grunt work involved in the practice of medicine, like note taking and diagnosing simple medical problems, physicians might have the time to again take a more humanistic approach to their practices. And have their treatment practices automatically thumped into alignment with the latest treatment guidelines. At least, that is the premise of  Deep Medicine, the latest book by noted healthcare futurist and prolific author Dr. Eric Topol.  Recently published, it is already well on its way to becoming a best seller that everyone involved in the healthcare vertical should explore.  I must confess. Every time I interact with Siri or Alexa, I wonder what AI can bring to the practice of medicine. My guess is that the answer to that question would be “A lot,” and Dr. Topol’s thinking can help us figure out the answer more specifically and help us to identify where the opportunities lie for us to become involved in this process.

Bottom Line. I must confess that I have just downloaded the book onto my Kindle, and have only started to get exposed to the insights that lie therein. BUT. Let me assure you that this is good stuff.  For today’s purposes, I wanted to add the book to your list for summer vacation reading. Look for my more thorough commentary on the topic in the near future. Right now, I am headed for the beach. Deep Medicine in hand!

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