Bringing Diversity into Healthcare Media Coverage

Check this out. What you will see is a meta-insight offered by Tonya Russell, the freelance journalist pictured above. Actually, the insight is a two-parter.

Part One. If one is going to be able to write knowledgeably about topics like healthcare diversity and the COVID pandemic, you need to be able to tap into diverse experts. Makes sense, right? Tony Fauci’s perspective can only help us so much here.

Part Two. While many believe that it is difficult to get to such diverse expert resources, there are actually guidelines as to how to get this done rather efficiently. Through the identified URL and others embedded therein, Tonya in fact shows us how to do this based on her own experience.

Bottom Line. Like I said, we have a new insight here. To get a thorough understanding of how diversity impacts the COVID pandemic experience, it is essential to get the perspective of a diverse panel of experts. And you can do just that.

Don’t forget to make it happen!!!

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