Barney Cohen, Healthcare Attorney

Check this out. What you will see is medical politicking at its worst. A surgeon bizarrely charged with collecting cash from a patient at the point of care rather than going through normal billing procedures. Based on this infraction, the doctor’s reappointment to his institution’s faculty was placed in jeopardy. Not liking the handwriting he was seeing on the wall, he hired Barney Cohen, Healthcare Attorney. Long story short, Barney was able to get the matter dismissed. Turns out that the hospital had no policy against doctors collecting cash. AND. The fact that one of the physicians sitting on the board that was reviewing the matter was his “competitor” was seen as hopelessly tainting the process.

Bottom Line. So, what is the point here? Easy one! We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that “medical malpractice” is the only cause of physician legal woes. Hospital politics can be just as onerous!

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