Aw, C’mon Vanderveer! Diapers?

Members Mark DiapersYes, diapers! Or more specifically, the creation of an advertisement for a private label (Sam’s Club) diaper that gained 24 Million views. Went flat out viral. Why? Check out this article from Advertising Age. Bottom Line. I share this with you for two reasons. First, I think it is cuter than hell. Second and more importantly, I want you to ponder the production budget of $1,000 that got this into distribution, divided by the 24 Million views, giving it a fully allocated Cost Per Exposure of about $0. Any chance your marketing programs could benefit from such efficiencies? Not every product, or even most, in our healthcare vertical has such adorable possibilities. But some do. Maybe even more than we think!

Advertising Age, Sam's Club, Vanderveer

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