Are We Entering the “Dark Ages???”

Our friend the Country Doctor certainly thinks so. Check this out! What you will see is his riff on the current collective state of mind of the United States. A sort of shared craziness that has the country more afraid of a vaccine than the disease it has been developed to prevent. Over 600,000 Americans dead and counting, and still half our population is unvaccinated, and many of them proud of it. Science has become a nasty word in the minds of many. Terms like “mandate” fly right into the face of the LMA (“Leave Me Alone”) generation and have led to demonstrations and violence. Flight attendants are literally getting punched when they tell passengers to put on masks. The result? I have seen several FB posts that have suggested that this might well be Armageddon, the end of the world as forecast in Revelation. 

Bottom Line. I know, I know. Chicken Little speak. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! We typically make fun of people whose stock and trade is the prediction of the end of the world.  BUT. I think that the doctor has a point here that should be considered. Are things bad now? Arguably, yes. Are things likely to get worse? Maybe. What will that look like?

And most importantly, what can be done to get our collective consciousness back on a positive track? I think the good doctor is correct. If things get better, it will be due to “dumb luck or divine intervention.” It will NOT be due to everybody doing their parts! 

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