And We Are Fat, Fat, Fat!!!

About three quarters of American adults are, anyhow. Check this out. Several interesting points are made in this piece. No great surprise is that this percentage has been steadily, inexorably climbing over the past decade. We can see that all around us.

And no, the requisite interventions to get these numbers back on track haven’t changed an iota over that time period. You know the drill. Eat better, exercise more, etc. Common sense public health measures. Sort of like socially distance, wear a mask, blah, blah, blah. We all know about these behavior changes. We just don’t do anything about them.  

But perhaps the most profound observation here is the statement that while we have listened to Wolf Blitzer blither on night after night for almost a year now about the COVID pandemic, there has been little or no mention of the obesity pandemic during that time. 

Why? Lots of possible reasons here. For example, the deaths that result from obesity are far more gradual and less dramatic than those resulting from COVID. No gasping for breath, “exclusive NBC trips into one of the nation’s busiest ICU’s” etc. Nothing newsworthy. 

Or. Maybe we just can’t chow down the guilt associated with obesity. Heck, it’s not our fault that we get COVID, but it is if we get fat.  

AND. There’s no magic bullet/vaccine coming over the horizon to save us from obesity. We will need to save ourselves.  

Bottom Line. Viral pandemics will come and go. We’ve now seen several in our lifetime. And when they appear, they WILL get plenty of attention, even if only a relatively small percentage of our total population succumbs. 

But obesity is here for the long haul. And is impacting three quarters of our population. I’m thinking it is time to pay some attention to this pandemic!

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