$$$ And Physician Burnout

In my last post, I noted that while some pundits maintain that only environmental change strategies can have an impact on physician burnout, others maintain that individual HCP’s can strategize their ways to better management of this potentially crippling outcome. Here is an example of thinking that clearly falls into the second camp. More specifically, the blogger posits that by careful monitoring of spending and saving, physicians can relieve their financial pressures and thus reduce the probability/severity of burnout. 

Bank (pun intended) on saving and spending? Seems a little paradoxical. Here’s the thinking. By carefully saving and investing money, the physician can worry less about at least one aspect of his life. He might even be able to build up a big enough cookie jar to fund a year of sabbatical leave.

Spending? Here the blogger maintains that the physician should spend on things that make her happier, with a special focus on eliminating time consuming life tasks that she finds onerous. Paying someone to take such responsibilities off her hands, the blogger suggests, is itself a good investment that can help to fend off burnout.

Bottom Line. 

Everything that the PoF suggests is good common sense.  Doctors should do what he recommends. Whether the financial pressures on which he focuses are major sources of burnout, when compared to bureaucracy and other causes, remains to be seen.

HOWEVER. In the absence of genuinely effectual corporate “wellness” programs for doctors, which I agree with PoF are few and far between if they exist at all, a doctor is well advised to do what she can do to take care of herself.  

That was the concluding thought of yesterday’s piece. Now you have heard it twice. It will probably come up again.  Watch for it!  

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