An Introduction To “Habit Marketing”

For the last couple of years, my colleagues at ThinkGen and I have been working on a major paradigm shift for pharmaceutical marketers and marketing researchers. A shift that takes them from a focus on “influencing prescribing decisions” and has them refocus on “developing physician habits.” Why? Because most physician prescribing is habitual, rather than being the result of a carefully thought out prescribing decision process for treating each patient. Realizing this fundamentally changes the way marketers market and researchers research.

BUT. Not everybody in the pharma vertical has had the habit marketing epiphany. In an effort to spread the word, my colleague Audrey Wu and I have developed a 45 minute webinar presentation that describes the nuts and bolts of the why’s and how’s of habit marketing. I know that this is a big-time commitment but trust me. Once you realize the importance of habits, both preexisting and new, to understanding marketing, you will never think about selling your company’s products the same way again.  

Bottom Line.  Here’s the presentation.  Give it a whirl!

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