An App For Addicts

Check this out. What you will see is the latest addition to the over 300,000 medical and health care related apps that have already been developed. What this app, interestingly enough called “Reset,” claims to do is to provide “lessons” to patients addicted to substances such as amphetamines and cocaine that will help them to control or even eliminate their habits. In the graphics above, for example, the app will help them to understand the “triggers” that are contributing to their addiction. Bottom Line. Really? Are there a lot of patients out there looking for help from an app with their addiction? Who will patiently enter trigger data and listen carefully to the lessons that their iPhone is providing? As always when my cynicism comes out in cases like this, I hope my skepticism proves to be unfounded and that this app actually accomplishes its desired purpose. Until proof is offered on this one, however, put me down as being among the Doubting Thomas’s. 

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