Again With Google Glass???

9 to 5 Google As a goof that bought one of the initial models of Google Glass, I viewed the announcement of an upcoming “enterprise” edition of GG with some skepticism. Lo and behold, the foreseen healthcare uses for the next edition are exactly the same as those that originally enticed me to test fly the original model. Lenses that would let ER doctors cast their eyes on what first responders are seeing in the field. A view of a surgical field broadcast from the head of the physician performing the operation. Etc. Bottom Line. Will the practical fixes incorporated into the V2.0 make the next GG more of a success and less of an Edsel? Time will tell. All I know for sure at this point is that this time, I will watch quietly from the sidelines. I don’t need another “toy” sitting on the shelf next to my original GG!

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