Our Story

ThinkGen is a healthcare marketing research agency that bridges clinical and behavioral sciences to uncover and deliver distinct, actionable insights to our clients.

Founder Noah Pines envisioned ThinkGen as a virtual marketing research agency staffed by highly creative, experienced, and innovative researchers who share a commitment to supporting the vital evolutions of the health care industry.

To make the vision a reality, a seasoned management team of proven marketing research leaders was assembled. With decades of individual and collective experience, many share a common past as leaders of one the largest pharmaceutical marketing research agencies in the U.S.

In turn, the management team curated a best-in-class staff of “ThinkGen Thinkers.” All are encouraged to challenge themselves to rethink, reimagine, and innovate solutions for the obstacles our clients face daily. Collaboration across teams is encouraged to stimulate ideas and share experiences that lead to thoughtful approaches, services, and support tailored to individual client needs.

Today ThinkGen is a vibrant virtual workplace that is collegial, fun, engaging – and highly succcessful in supporting the life-changing medicines and technologies that our clients bring to market.

Our research approach focuses on innovation in the areas of habit, behavior, network connections, and health psychology, giving clients clarity and deeper understanding of the clinicians, patients, and caregivers who comprise their markets.

ThinkGen Values & Culture

Common core values of mutual respect, integrity, and commitment to excellence are intrinsic to ThinkGen.

ThinkGen encourages an open, honest workplace that offers growth and ongoing learning opportunities. Staff members take responsibility for their work, and are given the independence and authoritiy they need to manage projects and nurture strong client relationships. They are rewarded by a unique and generous compensation system that allows employees at all levels to share in our growth.

We value innovation and intellectual curiosity. We seek to forge new paths in understanding behavior and apply the learnings to an industry that significantly impacts health and wellness worldwide.

A virtual company long before businesses were required to institute broad work-from-home policies, ThinkGen’s staff is fully field-based in home offices or at clients’ work sites. As a result, staff members enjoy greater flexibility in managing their work and personal commitments, and the yield is consistently top quality research.

At ThinkGen, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our values and culture. We foster an environment that welcomes, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees. Valuing each other’s perspectives drives true innovation and helps us connect to our clients and those they serve in a meaningful way.