A Real Game Changer!!!

Check this out. (Skip the advertisement!) What you will see is a real game changer. The announcement that NYU will no longer charge tuition for medical school. Not a penny. Wow!

A couple of questions pop into my head when I read this. First, how quickly will some/many/most other medical schools follow this pathway? Lord knows, if NYU is the only one to save students $250,000 in tuition debt, their already more than adequate pool of applications will swell exponentially.

BUT. If free medical school becomes the norm, think of the impact that this will have on the “doctor shortage,” especially in Primary Care.

Bottom LineThis is one of those DUH’s. When you hear it you say, “Of course!  Brilliant!” But, what might be the unintended consequences of this “free lunch?” For example, military doctors and those who serve in underserved areas for tuition remission may become few and far between. What will happen if it is more expensive to become a Physician Assistant or nurse than an MD? Or will those training programs also become freebies?

OR. Could free tuition help to eliminate underrepresentation in medicine for women and minorities? Maybe!

OR. Could this financial shift cause a reevaluation of fee schedules or compensation levels for physicians? Probably!

Watch this one carefully. It could be a real game changer. In more ways than one! 

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