A Physician Dilemma During A Pandemic

Check this out. What you will see is a blogging physician asking whether we really mean it when we say we support our “healthcare heroes.”

Here’s the deal. A public health physician ended his day with 10 doses of COVID vaccine left over. What to do? There was at the time no protocol for how to handle left-over doses. There was no known waiting list for him to contact. So, he decided to spend his own time to go search for patients who might benefit from the vaccine before it spoiled. Which he did after getting permission from his boss.  

Like the old proverb says, “No good deed goes unpunished.” He was promptly fired from his job for going “above and beyond,” and the District Attorney launched an investigation into whether he should actually be charged with stealing the vaccine. Oh, and the Texas Medical Board weighed in as well.  

Bottom Line. Good grief! How many thousands of situations like this have dotted the landscape in the last 4 months since the vaccine became available? Remember the guys who got trapped in a blizzard, and wandered up and down the highway administering vaccine to other trapped drivers before the juice went bad? Did they commit a crime?

Sure, Dr. Gokal got his job back, the Texas Medical Board backed off and the initial criminal charge against him was dismissed. BUT. The DA continues the witch hunt, and the aggravation for the doctor along the way must have been significant to say the least.  

SO. Besides the lip service of praising our “front line health care workers,” how about if we actually show them some respect in ways that really matter???

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